Short form used in power plant

In power plant, most of the terms are called as short form of their actual. These are given below : 

ATRS = Automatic Turbine Run-Up System
ASTM = American Society for Testing of Material
AOP = Auxiliary Oil Pump
ACW = Auxiliary Cooling Water
ACI = Automatic Control Interface
AVGF = Automatic Valveless Gravity Filter
ASLD = Acoustic Sound Level Detector
APRDS = Auxiliary Pressure Reducing De-Superheating System
AHP = Ash Handling Plant
ATT = Automatic Turbine Test
AVT = All Volatile Treatment
ABT = Availability Based Tariff
APH = Air Pre-Heater
BMCR = Boiler Maximum Continuous Rating
BFP = Boiler Feed Pump
BFP = Boiler Fill Pump
BEM = Bus Extension Module
COC = Change Over Contact
CI = Control Interface
CDM = Clean Development Mechanism
CCM = Clean Coal Mechanism
CEP = Condensate Extraction Pump
CW = Cooling Water
CERC = Central Electricity Regularity Commission
CEA = Central Electricity Authority
COC = Cycles of Concentration
CMC = Co-Ordinated Master Control
CCPC = Cross Country Pipe Conveyor
CHP = Coal Handling Plant
CT = Current Transformer
CVT = Capacitive Voltage Transformer
CPRM = Collecting Plate Raping Mechanism
DM Water = De-Mineralized Water
DGA = Dissolved Gas Analysis
DCS = Distributed Control System
DPU = Distributed Processing Unit
DDCMIS = Distributed Digital Control Monitoring Information System
DG = Diesel Generator
DUH = Dumper Unloading Hopper
DMCW = De-Mineralized Cooling Water
EOP = Emergency Oil Pump
ESP = Electro Static Precipitator
EPRM = Emitting Electrode-Plate Raping Mechanism
EBHE = External Bed Heat Exchanger
EPRS  = Effective Projected Radiant Surface
EHA = Electro Hydraulic Actuator
EHV = Extra High Voltage
FD = Forced Draft
FST = Feed Storage Tank
FSSS = Furnace Safeguard Supervisory System
FRC = Free Residual Chlorine
FGD = Flue Gas Desulphurization
FCE = Final Control Element
GHG = Green House Gas
GTAW = Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
GMAW = Gas Metal Arc Welding
GDS = Gas Distribution System
HHV = High Heat value
HEA = High Energy Arc
HODV = Heavy Oil Drip Valve
HPBP = High Pressure Bypass
HFO = Heavy Furnace Oil
HT = High Tension
IGV = Inlet Guide Vane
ID = Induced Draft
IEC = International Electromechanical Commission
JOP = Jacking Oil Pump
KWU = Kraft Werk Union
LI = Level Indicator
LS = Level Switch
LOP = Loob Oil Pump
LPBP = Low Pressure Bypass
LTC = Load Tap Changer
LT = Low Tension
MS = Main Steam
MTBF = Mean Time Between Failure
MCR = Maximum Continuous Rating
MOP = Main Oil Pump
MCC = Mains Control Centre
MTV = Master Trip Valve
MOG = Magnetic Oil Gauge
MOP = Main Oil Pump
MOT = Main Oil Tank
NPSH = Net Positive Suction Head
NDT = Non Destructive Testing
NEMA = National Electrical Manufacturer Association
NFT = Natural Frequency Test
O&M = Operation and Maintainance
PA = Primary Air
PCC = Power Control Centre
PS = Pressure Switch
PG = Pressure Gauge
PHE = Plate Heat Exchanger
PI = Pressure Indicator
PAW = Plasma Arc Welding
PRDS = Pressure Reducing De-Superheating System
PLCC = Power Line Carrier Communication
PT = Potential Transformer
ST = Station Transformer
SRT = Station Reserve Transformer
SPM = Suspended Particulated Matter
PLF = Plant Load Factor
PTFE = Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene
RG = Rod Gates
RO = Reverse Osmosis
RBF = Reversible Belt Feeder
RTS = Remote Trip Solenoid
RPU = Remote Processing Unit
RTD = Resistance Temperature Detector
RSO = Recurrent Surge Oscillation
SA = Secondary Air
SADC = Secondary Air Damper Control
SOE = Sequence Of Events
SCAPH = Steam Cooled Air Pre-Heater
SQE = Square Root Extractor
SOP = Starting Oil Pump
SERC = State Electricity Regularity Commission
SWAS = Steam and Water Analysis System
SLLD = Starting & Load Limiting Device
SG = Speeder Gear
SMAW = Shielded Metal Arc Welding
SAW = Submerged Arc Welding
ST = Station Transformer
TP = Transportation Point
TT = Travelling Trippler
TPP = Thermal Power Plant
TTD = Terminal Temperature Difference
TDS = Total Dissolved Solids
TMCR = Turbine Maximum Continuous Rating
THR = Turbine Heat Rate
UHV = Useful Heat Value
UHR = Unit Heat Rate
UAT = Unit Auxiliary Transformer
UHV = Ultra High Voltage
VFD = Variable Frequency Drive
VT = Voltage Transformer
VAM = Vapour Absorption Machine
WTP = Water Treatment Plant


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